Cult Classic Seeds : Super Cakes

Cult Classic Seeds : Super Cakes

Super Cakes
Super Dank X Powder Cakes*
*Wedding Cake X Freshies

(Animal Cookies X OGKB X OGKB X Ultraviolet OG)


18 seeds per pack.

Description coming soon.

She’s got ways of making you toke. This sweetly lethal legacy strain, withmysterious genetics thought to be pre-OG, was gifted to us by SoCal’s Russian Assassin Boys. Don’t let the delicate berry gas flavor trick you into thinking she’ll be gentle; Super Cakes holds nothing back when you give her the chance to go to work. A hyper-intenseride that will leave you sweaty, but – for those who can handle it – begging for more. Fans of OG Kush especially will want to bring this beauty in from the cold.

Super Cakes is on the easier side to grow, but some canopy management will be required for growerswith restricted space.


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