Gnostic Seeds : Ascension

Gnostic Seeds : Ascension

((Chem 91′ x Jazz Berry Jam) x Gorilla Wreck)

(12) Regular seeds.
(Free (3)seed pack (Regs) for every 2 packs of Gnostic ordered>)

TYPE : Indica Hybrid 60/40

POTENCY : 26-29% THC

HEIGHT : Medium


Transcendence into higher states of consciousness is a consistent theme in GNOSTIC mythology. Ascension without virtue, Salvation without sacrifice. Cannaventure gifted us over 100 Dog Jam 91′ seeds in early 2014 and we found progeny that stood far above the rest of the crowd as far as structure and potency were concerned. Knowing we had to preserve this gem for future generations we decided to use pollen from our insanely powerful Gorilla Wreck (GG4 x Arcata trainwreck bxiii) Stud to add additional weight and vigor creating a polyhybrid that is sure to please even the most discerning palates. ASCENSION grows best as a multi-topped bush and will produce large clusters of trichome laden flowers with scents reminiscent of citrus and chocolate blended with berries and pine floor cleaner.


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