Purple Caper Seeds : Strawberry Banana Caper (Feminized)

Purple Caper Seeds : Strawberry Banana Caper (Feminized)

Strawberry Banana Caper (Strawberry Banana x Grand Caper)

(5) Fems per pack

Flowers into buds with  purple and orange hairs, and covered in trichomes. Tastes like Fruit Salad with Grape, Strawberry and, bananas. This strain is a “creeper strain”, which means the high will come on slower than you might expect, so take it easy with this one until you know how it effects your body. This strain produces sedating effects that can be felt from head-to-toe. Large vigorous yielder with long cola’s. Grows very well inside but can get big fast, huge outdoors. ,  8-9 weeks flowering time

Every seed tested contained less than 0.03% THC


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